Body EP
Martin Landsky
LABEL: Upon You Records | UY099
GENRE: Deep House
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Full Stereo
SIZE: 51.37 megs


1. Body Body (Original Mix) 7:10
2. I´m A Bitch (Basement Dub) 6:57
3. I´m A Bitch (Original Mix) 7:06

Total Playtime: 21:13 min

Here it is! Martin Landsky’s first ever solo effort on Upon.You after successfully collaborating with Marco Resmann for their conjunctional „Lava EP“ and crafting a floor burning remix for ONNO’s „Some Mo“. With his „Body EP“ the Berlin-based producer serves stripped down and dark’ish TechHouse at its best – perfect music for a high octane night out.
The title track caters an essential 2k15 definition of what was once described as Minimal Phonk – a sound Martin Landsky pioneered alongside several others in his early days. Vibing on a dead sexy, yet reduced House groove jacking basslines and a super seductive vocal fully captivate every dancers moving and twisting „Body“ whilst fragile strings slowly build up for a bit of extra tension. A timeless killer that’ll be stuck in DJ’s crates beyond forever.
„I’m A Bitch“ comes along in a more direct, yet similar vein serving a thrilling atmosphere of menace and crime unfolding on top of stompy drums, compressed closed hi-hats and a killer bass motif with a Sheffield twist whilst ecstatic vocal bits are making no fuzz about who’s being a bitch here. Let the rave begin!
Furthermore an alternative version of „I’m A Bitch“ is the so-called ‘Basement Dub’ which is clearly riding the fast lane, focussing exclusively on the tracks very basic elements before an uplifting stab sequence and haunting filter works provide an additional boost for buzzing peak time crowds.